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Irina Mistor
May 02, 2021
In Hummelbird
hello guys. I am trying to get some info on the engine and prop. I have a 1/2 VW engine red case (45hp at 3600 rpm) with a Prince prop 47“ diameter by 37” pitch. I am trying to get some static and cruise values for the prop. Static I get less than 3100rpm and in cruise at wide open throttle, 3300rpm at 85kts IAS. The airplane has a hard time accelerating from liftoff to climb speed and took me 20 minutes to climb from 800 ft to 2800ft. It barely climbs. I am suspecting the engine is not making the advertised 45hp. Anybody can give me some static and wide open throttle values for the rpm for the 45hp VW engine along with the diameter and pitch of the prop matched to the engine. Thank yo.

Irina Mistor

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